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Women’s Metaphor. Woman, merging with her beginning…

We met and talked about self-acceptance, freedom, guilt, doubt, beauty, and femininity.

The woman prior to the snake and the apple. The woman who regained the inner paradise. And we restored this paradise in the very earthly Eden!

What do you need for paradise? Little, but only the best:

 Tatiana Troyan and her deep understanding of Feminine Nature and Archetypes

 OLOS – energy of love and acceptance

Fun! Humour, jokes, the ability to be funny and sexy at the same time

Empty and beautifully festive Lviv, and its female Face

Comfort! Nice and cosy Leopolis with its taste of mulled wine

Game! Poker in all of its excitement

The most beautiful Hotel in Ukraine, Edem, with the highest-level service and works of art

Delicious food and forbidden croissants!

Self-acceptance! Photoshoots in Eve’s costume

Art! The practice of a curved line to convey the body of a naked man

Cleanliness! Sauna, massage, and walks along the places of power

Music! Which a man gives to women

Freedom of expression! A concert that women give to themselves

“God created a Woman solely for Himself”. Tetiana Troyan

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