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In October, a group of interesting and beautiful people had 5 days of magic and two days of semi-magic in Armenia. They remained a part of their life story and became a part of their Personality!

Each of the Premier League participants was able to:
make your "journey up"
feel and appreciate your strength and intelligence
find your flight and your swing
dismantle old patterns of behavior
capture the magic of life
feel how miracles happen
understand your uniqueness
dare to think Carnegie Hall and Prince Charles
realize that clipping wings
fall in love with life
become curious about your inner world
"eat" beauty
see the future and let go of the past
live very happy moments!

There are days and nights that justify life in general!
Now we invest all the accumulated wealth in Big things, without exchanging for trifles!
Life after Metaphor will never be the same! Miracles happen after Metaphor!
Let everything be OLOS!
See you soon!

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