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First hero. Montenegro.
Beautiful undisguised and organic: with feminine curves and masculine character.

Second hero. There are many beautiful and interesting people who have decided to open up to sensual experience and venture into the territory of a relationship between a man and a woman.

Third hero. Tatyana Troyan, who returns people to the right vibrations like a tuning fork from life.

Fourth hero. A group of OLOS partners, creators of magic, who put together a mosaic of sensory experience, delicious food, rational knowledge, beautiful places, play and prosecco.

And now a short summary for the most rational.
The formula of our trip is action + love + beauty.
We want to thank the stunningly beautiful Lazure Marina & Hotel and personally Andreja Gaberšek - Vuković for the beauty, service and hospitality! This is the best hotel on Metaphors!
Thanks to Montenegro for the beauty and purity!

Thanks to all partners, guides, restaurants for the highest level in everything!
Thanks to the OLOS team for Love with and without rules, for inconspicuous accurate shooting, for 24/7 administration of difficult processes, and for precise places and strong lectures, for incredible bodily practices, for the essence of Metaphor and its depth

Thanks to all Metaphor participants for their trust and openness!
And let everything be OLOS!

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