Egypt. A century of discoveries
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What are we, the participants and organizers of the Metaphor, looking for in Egypt? Discoveries, Initiations, Beauty, Greatness, Immortality, Legends.

You are riding a bus through the streets of Luxor and you see through the window the same thing that Moses saw, who took the Jews home, adjusted for plastic. Screaming sellers, rubbish, dusty haze, simple architecture do not caress the eye and ear.

The bus stops. Leaving the porter's suitcase, you see an elegant sand-coloured classicist building in front of you, which invites you to climb closer with a red carpet.

Wooden doors swing open and an eight-meter-high hall with a twisted staircase appears in front of you, decorated with Chinese vases, centennial carpets, vintage furniture and the atmosphere of the XIX century. And instantly from the fussy and petty present you plunge into the rich and slowly intelligent past.

Howard Carter will come around the corner in a three-piece suit with the news about Tutankhamen's tomb. But the smart old woman Agatha Christie was spread out in an armchair, observantly looking at you.

Then - the Garden of Eden. A garden in which pink flamingos walk, parrots fly, slender palm trees coexist with bushes of fragrant magnolias. And if it weren't for the sexy smell of flowers and the laughing faces of beautiful people, you wouldn't believe that this is happening to you.

Then you enter the Valley of the Kings. You enter a tomb that causes both awe and fear in you. In your hands you have a riddle and an alphabet that decodes signs. Suddenly, the silent walls, filled with strange blank symbols, come to life. You begin to read image after image, to understand the meaning of messages that are 4,000 years old. You are talking to those who lived during the time of Ramses, Seti I, Tutankhamun.

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