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Olos Patronage

“The more original artifacts, monuments of history and culture will be in Ukraine, the easier it will be to form a nation of people who are free inside and want to change the country for the better”.

Tetiana Troyan

About direction

Together with our clients and partners, we acquaint entrepreneurs with the greatness of Ukrainian history and the “DNA code” of our nation through the restoration of artifacts of Ukrainian culture.

Now it is not difficult to meet a socially successful Person who is over 40 years old. The problem is to meet a happy Person Why? After reaching a certain level and quality of life, a person tends to experience existential longing and loss of motivation. Primary needs are satisfied, and what will drive the person further?

Humanism is a necessary condition for motivating a mature entrepreneur. This basic need within us is able to open up new meanings and horizons for the Person.

Unfortunately, during the revolutions and wars, a large number of artifacts confirming the greatness of Ukrainian history was taken out and destroyed. Thus, reviving Ukrainian culture through restorations and the return of historical heritage to our homeland, creating new objects of cultural heritage, we can regain our inner contact with our collective unconscious and restore the strength of our personal connection with the family.