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OLOS-Art is a socio-cultural branch, the purpose of which is to acquaint the Entrepreneur with the art of Life.

“From true masters of painting, graphics, sculpture, ceramics, fashion, music, ballet, theatre, and cinema to true Connoisseurs”.

Dmytro Skolyarov, project manager

About direction

We introduce the Entrepreneur to Healthy Art, from which the life of a particular Personality becomes more OLOS-holistic.

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Usually in art, the centre of attention is considered to be the creator, the master. OLOS-Art accepts this and respects the geniuses of the area, represented in our space. But we strive to make the centre, the core – out of the Personality who turned to us with a deep request for understanding and involvement in the life of real and genuine art. It can be a painting, a sculpture, ceramics, clothing, a piece of decor, a special cultural event – all that can reveal, enhance, and lead into the world of real beauty.

Art consultants of the project, contacting the Personality and considering their uniqueness, select paintings, sculptures, tableware, interior, and everything that will decorate the person’s life and strengthen them in their activities. Also, for a more holistic perception of the concept of “healthy art”, we organise exhibitions from our funds, educational events about art, thematic evenings.

OLOS-Art Atelier

Clothing which is designed to strengthen and decorate the Person not only externally, but also to set the internal vector.

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We strive to sew clothes that will be above fashion and above time. A suit, or a dress, that will be sewn for a particular Person, and will be commensurate with their beauty, talent, and ambitions.

We have two branches: ready-made capsule collections and individual tailoring.

Each item is made in a single copy. A separate pattern is made for each Person. Our designers go to Italy and bring small pieces of fabrics with different prints. This means that such an item will be sewn only for you.

In individual tailoring, people themselves become the authors of their clothes. Developing a design and choosing from the proposed fabrics and accessories what is closest to here and now, people get better acquainted with themselves and even form themselves. You create clothes for yourself with our hands.

Upcoming Projects

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painters, sculptors, artisans and other creatives

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